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As to why Did I Get Married?

Eight at this time married college friends converge at a Colorado log cabin for an annual reunion that doubles for the reason that free therapy. Lawyer Dianne (Sharon Leal) and her man, pediatrician Terry, salon owner Angela and her footballing player partner Marcus, housewife Sheila and business owner Robert, psychologist Patricia and you Gavin are among the list of group. While their marriages are sturdy on the surface area, secrets creep beneath the area.

The cozy mood is broken when one pair’s infidelity is discovered, forcing the other couples to take a tough look at their particular relationships. As the week unfolds, each couple grapples with issues of commitment, absolutely adore, betrayal and forgiveness.

Why Did We Get Married is normally Tyler Perry’s big-screen adapting to it of his well-liked stage perform, and like all of his work — from Diary of a Angry Black Woman to Madea’s Family Reunion to Daddy’s Young girls — that packs the two an mental wallop and touches of crass levity. The film is a buppie ensemble part that finds Mr. Perry at his most restrained and mainstream-accessible.

Besides Perry, So why Did I just Get Married superstars Janet Knutson, Jill Scott, Lamman Rucker, Malik Yoba, Jordan Jai White colored, Sharon Simpatizante and Denise Boutte. The film as well marks the 1st time that Perry has stepped in front of the camera since Madea’s Family Reunion. This drama is about the difficulty of maintaining a solid marriage nowadays. It’s a familiar story with a refreshingly female-driven twist. Really not to become missed. —Rachel M. Grossman, The New York Times

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