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What is Cross Elasticity Of Demand? Definition of Cross Elasticity Of Demand, Cross Elasticity Of Demand Meaning

change in worth

A product’s demand would be “elastic” in case a small price variation causes a much more significant change in the demand. In other words, customers would demand significantly more or less in accordance with a small variation in price. For example, if petrol prices increase, the amount of its demand will go down. But what is the degree of this demand change- is it significant or moderate or tiny. It is the ratio of proportion change within the former to the percentage change in the latter.


In general, we can say that the more good substitutes are there, the more elastic demand will be. Suppose a coffee seller company increases the price for its cup of coffee by $1. The consumers are likely to switch to another company or they may even replace their cup of coffee with a cup of strong tea.

As mentioned above in the blog, there are mainly two elasticity definition of elasticity- Elasticity of Demand and Elasticity of Supply. Elasticity of demand is an economic measure of the sensitivity of demand relative to a change in another variable. The demand for a good or service depends on multiple factors such as price, income, and preference.

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When an external force is applied to a rigid body there will be a change in its length, volume, shape. The change in parameters depends upon the ratio of applied stress to the resulting strain. When the external forces are removed from the body it tends to regain its original shape and size. Such a property of a material by virtue of which the body tends to regain its original shape, size as a result of removal of external forces is known as the elasticity. Price elasticity of demand , which measures the responsiveness of amount demanded to a change in worth. PED could be mmeasured over a price vary, referred to as arc elasticity, or at one point, known as point elasticity.

For instance, if the value of coffee increases, the quantity demanded for tea increases as consumers switch to a less expensive but substitutable various. Elasticity is an important economic measure, particularly for the sellers of goods or services, because it indicates how much of a good or service buyers consume when the price changes. When a product is elastic, a change in price quickly results in a change in the quantity demanded. When a good is inelastic, there is little change in the quantity of demand even with the change of the good’s price. The change that is observed for an elastic good is an increase in demand when the price decreases and a decrease in demand when the price increases.

What is elasticity and types of elasticity?

The demand is claimed to be unitary elastic if the percentage change in amount demanded is the same as the share change in worth. This illustrates the instances of a perfectly elastic demand curve and supply curve. The quantity provided or demanded is extremely responsive to cost changes, moving from zero for prices close to P to infinite when prices reach P. Inelastic – the percentage of change in demand is way less than the percentage change in worth. Cross Elasticity of Demand is an economic concept that measures the responsiveness in the quantity demanded of one good when the price of other goods changes.

Price elasticity of demand is a measure used to point out the responsiveness, or elasticity, of the quantity demanded of a good or service to a change in its price. The formulation for elastic demand is the share change in amount demanded divided by the share change in value. While this appears odd at first, it makes excellent sense because we generally calculate proportion changes relative to their initial worth.

While designing a structure, knowledge of elastic properties of materials like steel, concrete, etc., is important because the elastic behaviour of materials plays an essential role in design. It is also important in designing bridges, automobiles, ropeways, etc. Let us discuss elastic moduli and their types and resilient modulus. It refers to changes in tax revenue in response to changes in tax rate. For example, how tax revenue changes if the government reduces corporate income tax from 30 per cent to 25 per cent indicate tax elasticity.

  • Cross Elasticity of Demand is an economic concept that measures the responsiveness in the quantity demanded of one good when the price of other goods changes.
  • In contrast, non-elastic materials do not return to their original shape and break under strain.
  • When the body will completely regain its original shape and size, this is a region of elastic behaviour where Hooke’s law is valid and even Young’s modulus of elasticity is defined.
  • Understanding whether or not the goods or services of a business are elastic is integral to the success of the company.

For even larger stresses, supplies exhibit plastic behavior, that’s, they deform irreversibly and do not return to their authentic shape after stress is now not utilized. The price elasticity of demand is an estimation that illustrates the quantity changes in demands of goods or products in response to the product’s price fluctuations in the marketplace. Elastic modulusmeasures a material’s resistance to elastic deformation.

Aside from taxation, elasticity can also assist in analysing the need for government intervention. The price elasticity for most goods and services is inverse, i.e., demand falls when prices rise. The demand curve for unitary elastic demand is represented as a rectangular hyperbola. However, perfectly elastic demand is a total theoretical concept and doesn’t find a real application, unless the market is perfectly competitive and the product is homogenous. The effect of change in economic variables is not always the same on the quantity demanded for a product. The result obtained from this formula determines the intensity of the effect of price change on the quantity demanded for a commodity.

Let’s begin our blog with a definition of Elasticity of Demand and then we will explore the different types of Elasticity of Demand.

The modulus of elasticity is another name for Young’s modulus and is often used in engineering and materials science to describe the stiffness of a material. Now, if the strain is increased a little bit beyond the proportional limit, the stress will no longer be proportional to the strain, however, the material will remain elastic. This means, if the applied stretching force is removed the material will acquire its natural state. This behaviour is observed upto point Y and this point is known as the elastic limit, which is the limiting point of the elastic zone. When external forces are applied, the body may show deformation from its original shape and size. Upon deformation, there is a development of internal forces within the solid, which tries to bring the body to its original shape.

Figure 5.4 Infinite Elasticity The horizontal traces present that an infinite quantity might be demanded or equipped at a particular price. The method for calculating incomeelasticityof demand is the percent change in amount demanded divided by the p.c change in income. With earnings elasticity of demand, you possibly can tell if a specific good represents a necessity or a luxury. Elasticity is an economic idea used to measure the change in the mixture amount demanded for a great or service in relation to price movements of that good or service. A product is considered to be elastic if the quantity demand of the product changes drastically when its price will increase or decreases.

The most common use of arc elasticity is when you don’t have any general formula or a function to find out the relationship of one variable with another. Arc elasticity has many applications in mathematics, but it has also become one of the common elements of Economics. The modulus of elasticity measures the resistance of a material to elastically deform when a force is applied to material. Yes, Young’s modulus and the modulus of elasticity are the same things. Young’s modulus is a measure of the stiffness of a material and is defined as the ratio of the stress applied to a material to the strain that results from the stress. It is an important property of a material and is used to predict how a material will behave under load.

If the organization has high elasticity, then it would challenge others on the basis of price. Also, such an organization would be required to maintain a high volume of sales transactions to avoid insolvency. In contrast, inelastic organizations are in a position to set high prices.

Examples of bulk modulus of elasticity

For instance, if the value of coffee increases, the amount demanded for coffee stir sticks drops as customers are consuming much less espresso and have to buy fewer sticks. In the formula, the numerator is unfavorable and the denominator is positive. Because thermal movement is one factor contributing to the deformation of polymers, viscoelastic properties change with increasing or lowering temperature.

  • Figure 5.5 Zero Elasticity The vertical provide curve and vertical demand curve present that there might be zero proportion change in quantity demanded or supplied, regardless of the worth.
  • The demand for a good or service depends on multiple factors such as price, income, and preference.
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  • For example, when there is a rise in the prices of ceiling fans, the quantity demanded goes down.

What is a Hooke’s law and how it is applicable for the concept of elasticity. The advantage of elasticity is that it is a unitless measure, regardless of the form of quantities being varied. However, it is positive for Giffen and Veblen goods, i.e., demand rises when prices go up.

Based on the value of elasticity variables are categorized as elastic or inelastic. An elastic variable is one that responds more than proportionally to changes in other variables. In contrast, an inelastic variable is one which changes less than proportionally in response to changes in other variables. To better understand the working we should move to the next section of the blog. The fractional change in the dimension of a body is produced by the external stress acting on is called strain. The ratio of change of any dimension to its original dimension is called the strain.

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Here, the purchasing behavior of customers’ changes with a rise or fall in price. In different phrases, it takes less work to stretch a viscoelastic material an equal distance at a better temperature than it does at a lower temperature. This model represents a stable undergoing reversible, viscoelastic strain. Upon application of a constant stress, the material deforms at a decreasing price, asymptotically approaching the steady-state pressure. Zero elasticity refers to the excessive case in which a proportion change in worth, irrespective of how large, ends in zero change in quantity.

Now we will know the relation of the modulus of elasticity or Young’s modulus with other elastic constants. The value of the modulus of elasticity is pretty important in the case of deflection of different materials which is used in building and bridge construction. When we strike on the nail with a hammer the shear stress of the hammer blow causes sometimes the nails to bend that marks the reach of elastic limit. The dimension of the bulk modulus or volume elasticity is [ML-²T-²]. Income elasticity of demand used as a measure of safety for the sector, future trends of consumption, and as a guide to investment decisions for businesses.

When a government wants to increase taxes on goods, it can use elasticity to judge whether increasing the tax rate will be beneficial. Often, the demand for goods will be significantly reduced when a government increases taxes on them. Unlike the aforementioned types of demand, relatively elastic demand has a practical application as many goods respond in the same manner when there is a price change. In relatively elastic demand, if the price of a good increases by 25% then the demand for the product will necessarily fall by more than 25%. Unitary elasticity is one in which the fluctuation in one variable and quantity demanded is equal.

If the value is below 1.0, it’s an indication that the demand has a relative insensitivity to price. Inelastic means that the product purchasing behavior of consumers does not change when the price rises. It is predominantly used to assess the change in client demand on account of a change in a great or service’s worth. Cross-worth elasticity of demand is a measure of the responsiveness of the demand for one product to adjustments in the value of a unique product. Elasticity is the tendency of solid materials to return to their original shape after forces are applied on them. When the forces are removed, the object will return to its initial shape and size if the material is elastic.

Consider the worth modifications transferring up the availability curve in . From points D to E to F and to G on the provision curve, each step of $1.50 is the same in absolute worth. As a outcome, the curve will look lower and flatter than the unit elastic curve, which is a diagonal.

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In different phrases, demand elasticity or inelasticityfor a product or good is set by how a lot demand for the product adjustments as the value increases or decreases. The formula for calculating income elasticity of demand is the percent change in quantity demanded divided by the percent change in income. This concept helps us to find whether a good is a necessity or luxury. An inelastic product is one that buyers proceed to buy even after a change in worth.


The numerical value of relatively elastic demand ranges between one to infinity. Elasticity is a concept in economics that talks about the effect of change in one economic variable on the other. But this time the consumers will not switch to another beverage or drink as there are very few good substitutes for caffeine. The object returns to its original shape after the removal of force i.e., the deformation is elastic for small deformations.

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This measure of responsiveness of quantity demanded when there is a change in price is termed as the Price Elasticity of Demand . So, they need to understand whether their goods or services are elastic or inelastic. This helps them form business strategies and also in the marketing of those goods or services.

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